Fun Facts about Volunteering


1. In 2012, 64.5 million Americans (26.5% of the population) contributed 7.9 billion hours of volunteer service worth an estimated $175 billion of service.

2. The estimated dollar value of volunteer time in Connecticut is $28 an hour.

3. Volunteers have a better chance of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers.

4. Adults who began volunteering as youth are twice as likely to volunteer as those who did not volunteer when they were younger.

5. After fundraising, the most popular volunteer activities are collecting, preparing distributing or serving food (23.8%), contributing general work or helping out with transportation (19.85) and teaching/tutoring (17.9%).

6. Research demonstrates that volunteering leads to better health and that older volunteers are the most likely to receive physical and mental health benefits from their volunteer activities.

7. Non-volunteers say that they are more likely to serve if a trusted friend asks them to serve.

8. Citizens who participate in one area of civic engagement, like volunteering, are more likely to get involved in groups, contact public officials, or work with neighbors.

9. For professionals seeking to get their foot in the door, volunteering can actually provide the experience they need to obtain a job in their chosen field.

10. Volunteering helps you refocus your life's priorities and just might lead you to a new path, or even a vocational change, in your life.

Emil Curran: All-in to Serve PDYM Kids and Throw a Great Golf Outing

Emil Curran.JPG

If some people are “talkers” and others are “doers,” well, Emil Curran is a doer.  He believes in being 100% all-in, with sneakers laced up, ready to hit the ground running.

That’s why Emil is the perfect man to take the lead organizing Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries’ biggest fundraiser, its annual Golf Outing, which takes place on October 4 at Danbury’s Richter Park.

A member of PDYM’s Board of Directors for a handful of years, Emil’s deep roots in the city (he’s a third-generation Danburian), his love for golf, and his steadfast belief in helping Danbury’s at-risk community came together to make him a natural leader for this event.

“I’ve always been involved in giving back to the community,” said Emil, 67, a certified insurance consultant at his Main Street firm, Johnson-Stevens-Curran Insurance. “It inspires me to see these at-risk kids have the opportunity to make a great life for themselves.  I was at the Pathways graduation in June and it was a good sense of accomplishment to see those kids up on the stage. There is a sense of pride that, unless you see if for yourself, you can’t describe it.”

In his Golf Outing Chair role, Curran is seeking golfers for the event ($150 to play, which includes a meal at Tavern on the Green and entry into giveaways), but more than that, he’s hoping to line up corporate sponsors ($1,000 includes a foursome, 3 mulligans and 6 tee signs), businesses to sponsor putting greens ($200) and tees ($150); and those willing to donate raffle prizes (“nothing is too small or too big”).

Contact Emil at (203) 743-2844 or Don Lewis at (203) 471-7783 if you are interested.

Proceeds from the Golf Outing help to pay for materials, resources and program needs for The Academy, Pathways Mentoring, Naomi Mentoring, and S.A.Y. Yes! After-school Center – curriculum, technology, books, uniforms, after-school support, as well as ongoing training for teachers, tutors, and mentors.

For more info about the event, click HERE.

Light and Love in the Darkness

With fallout and tensions continuing to build after the recent events in Virginia, Jericho President Carrie L. Amos shares her prayerful heart:

When the splinters of our fallen world release the ugliest and the most hateful among us, and when many feel helplessness bordering on hopelessness, we must turn to our God, who reminds us that our Hope is in Him. After the horrific events in Charlottesville VA this weekend, our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones, with those who are injured, and with all those who are pained by what has transpired. We pray to God for His comfort at a time when everything seems to hurt – our hearts and souls for what we feel, our ears for what we’ve heard and our eyes for what we’ve seen.

With each escalation of hate and violence among our society, we grieve for our nation, and look to God - and only to God - for our peace, our hope, and our healing.  Lord, we need you. We’re grieved, and we need you. We lift our leaders to you, Father, and ask that you give them your wisdom, your guidance, and your heart for your children. We pray that all those who have heard that they are “less than” would know that they are loved and cherished by you, Jesus, and that their value, because of who each of us is in Him, is inestimable.

And may we remember that, as Martin Luther King so famously said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  I pray that the Jericho Partnership will continue to bring light and love to our community, and share the love and peace of Christ with ALL people.  

Xavier Ross: A Life Being Transformed, a Leader in the Making

It’s safe to assume 13-year-old Xavier Ross didn’t initially set out to be a leader among his peers. In fact, in his words, when he was in 6th grade, “I wasn’t used to following rules, I was pretty immature and I got in trouble a lot.”

But then, after more time at The Academy, the middle school run by Jericho’s Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries, Xavier began to grow and mature – as a student, and in his faith.

ShareFest Update

Imagine a small army of volunteers from 27 Jericho Partnership churches and beyond, joined together to honor God through corporate worship and acts of service … all with the goal of building bridges and partnering better - together.

Bringing people together is a key element of community reconciliation, and bringing people together for a greater good is what Jericho Partnership hopes to achieve through ShareFest 2018.

Jay Frank: The GSM Difference is "Huge"

Jay Frank’s life was on a path that gave no hint that there’d be a day when a pastor would show up at his hospital bed to tell him about a ministry serving addicts. Jay had a solid Catholic education, graduated from law school, and, at different times in his life was a teacher, lawyer and a lobbyist (all while living in Alaska), as well as a teacher in a local prep school. But the disease of alcoholism, rampant in his family, grabbed hold of him.