Volunteer Appreciation: Sally Chow

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Sally Chow, receptionist, Hopeline pregnancy resource center


How long have you been volunteering at Hopeline? For at least 3 years...maybe 4. Time flies when you are having fun!

How often to you serve/what do you do? I staff the Hopeline front desk every Wednesday morning from 10:00 am to noon: I answer the phone, check in clients, prepare material resources (diapers and wipes) and do any projects that are needed.    

Why did you choose Hopeline as the ministry where you volunteer? It began when someone from Hopeline came to our church and talked about what they do.  I have always been opposed to abortions, and the spiritual element of Hopeline drew my interest. Hopeline has a Bible study and I thought that would be a place I could offer my ministry. As it turned out, they needed someone to welcome clients as they came in for appointments. So that is where I happily serve.

What about serving here touches your heart the most? Knowing that these women are getting good news about having a baby.  I have also made friends with the staff and the ladies that sit at the desk for Jericho!

Volunteer Appreciation: Dewey Strohmeyer

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Dewey Strohmeyer, Tutor, S.A.Y. Yes! After-school Center


How long have you been a tutor at Jericho? I’ve been tutoring students in math since November 2014, after retiring from many years of service as a math teacher (mostly high school, some middle school). I also began to volunteer at about that same time at another after-school tutoring program, and I am still involved in both.

How often to you serve?  I serve at S.A.Y. Yes! on Mondays and Tuesdays. After my first year, I also helped as a tutor during the summer of 2015, but haven’t continued with the summer tutoring.

Why did you choose Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries/S.A.Y. Yes! as the ministry where you volunteer? Because S.A.Y. Yes is a Christ-centered ministry – motivated by the love of God in Christ for each individual.  “Transforming a city – one life at a time” is an ambitious goal (it should be!), and one that fits someone like me, who prefers to work one-on-one with those I might be able to help. S.A.Y. Yes seeks to reach “at risk” kids, helping them achieve the goal of graduation. This involvement in the lives of so many kids can make a real difference for them, and I am glad to be a part of it.

What about serving here touches your heart the most?  Seeing kids succeed and knowing that, along with many others, I may have played a part, is very rewarding.

Volunteer Appreciation: Joyce Sarver

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Joyce Sarver, Nurse, Samaritan Health Center


How long have you been volunteering at SHC? 5 years

How often to you serve? One afternoon a week  (Note: The health center staff says Joyce is so dedicated and reliable that they feel like she is a member of staff!)

Why did you choose Samaritan Health Center as the ministry where you volunteer?  I had been telling God that I wish I could have a “do over” at my last job (as a school nurse) so I could be more patient with the students.  Shortly after that, I was reading the church newsletter and in that edition was a list of volunteer opportunities at Jericho.  Listed, among others, was Registered Nurses.  I immediately inquired and began volunteering the very next week.  God answered my prayer.

What about serving here touches your heart the most? It is an uplifting experience to see the love and kindness shown by the staff to all the patients and their families. The atmosphere at Samaritan is one of joy and caring.  The families served seem very appreciative of the care given.  It is truly a blessing to volunteer at Samaritan Health Center.

Volunteer Appreciation: Jessica Farmer

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Jessica Farmer, Mentor, Naomi Mentoring


How long have you been with Naomi? Since its inception. I taught a weekly Bible study when last year’s graduating seniors (the inaugural graduating class of Naomi) were still in middle school. I’ve worked closely with the girls since that time through other avenues, but have had an official mentee for about 6 months.

How often to you serve? I meet with my mentee 2-3 times a week: for a one-on-one; at YoungLife (another teenage outreach ministry I work with); and I pick her up for church most Sundays. I also teach weekly Bible study for the girls in the program. 

Why did you choose Naomi as the ministry where you volunteer? Michelle Ross, Naomi’s director, has been a mentor – a constant presence and support - to me since I was the same age as these girls. When she said she was starting the mentoring program and asked if I would help, I was all in. She had done so much for me and I saw the passion and gifting she poured into us, and I absolutely wanted to be a part of doing the same for other young ladies.

What about serving here touches your heart the most? I had great role models growing up, which gave me a leg-up in many areas of my life. The fact that there are so many girls without that is a tragedy to me. Knowing that I can be that for someone, just by being present and consistent in their lives, is just a piece of what makes this worth it. To see these girls grow and transform into barrier-breaking young women is the icing on the cake. God truly gets the glory here!

Spring Street Summer Learning Program Seeking Staff


Hey adults and kids aged 16 and up! Looking for a fun way to spend the summer? How about investing in the lives of our Spring Street Neighborhood kiddos?

Our team is seeking staff members for our 2018 Summer Learning Program, which will take place daily, 8:15 am to 3:30 pm, from July 1 through August 10 at the Jericho Spring Street Neighborhood Center, 44 Spring Street, Danbury.

We're seeking counselors, group leaders for our different areas (reading, arts & crafts, Bible, games, etc) and more! There might also be a need for some part-time workers.  Spanish-speaking is a plus, and prior experience working with children is beneficial.

Please download this application, fill it out neatly, and either mail, fax or scan/email it back to us by April 27.

"Man in a Van" Helps Jericho Feed the Hungry


Mike Greene, affectionately called "the man in the van" spends hours every day picking up food that is about to be discarded (before expiration or because there is overstock) from local grocery stores, and drives it to several food pantries - including Jericho's Food Pantry on Spring Street every Friday.

Now, he needs some assistance...




Generosity + In-kind Needs = Thank You!


We're so grateful for every person, small business, or corporation that partners with us in our mission, whether by praying for us, volunteering their time, or giving gifts of support. Seriously, it fills our hearts with joy.

Recently, Target of Bethel donated five pallets of baby merchandise to Jericho; the car seats, high chairs, and other items were distributed to our neighbors in need through Samaritan Health Center and Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center. The lives of those kiddos were improved!

If you or your workplace would like to support Jericho with in-kind donations, here are some of our current needs...

For the Jericho ministries at 13 Rose Street:

  • Tissues, hand sanitizer (regular or pocket size), Clorox disinfectant wipes
  • Diapers, baby wipes
  • Headphones (not earbuds) for students
  • Chromebooks
  • Pizza dinners! Read more HERE.
  • Laptop computers (contact Samaritan Health Center, (203) 291-2794 for info on how to donate toward this need)

For the ministries at 44 Spring Street (Jericho Spring Street Neighborhood Center):

  • Packaged snacks (Goldfish, graham crackers, yogurt, cheese sticks, drinks, etc.)
  • Pencils, composition notebooks, stickers
  • Outdoor chalk, jump ropes, balls of any size
  • Craft items, board games, decks of cards
  • Non-perishable food items and paper goods
  • Gently used clothing

For the ministries at 13 and 22 Maple Avenue:

  • Cleaning supplies: bleach, vinegar, Simple Green, paper towels, antibacterial wipes

To become a gift partner, please bring items to the address mentioned, or contact us at (203) 791-1180 or at info@jerichopartnership.org . Thank you in advance for supporting our mission to love and serve Danbury's poor and needy.