Will You Be a Champion?

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Jericho’s Champions of Hope is a group of our Gift Partners who support our mission with consistent monthly giving, providing the firm foundation Jericho needs to plan and sustain ministry. 

From Jericho’s perspective, consistent giving takes the “unknown” out of planning, allowing us to confidently undertake sustainable programs that will best serve our children and adults in need.

Having a solid base of Gift Partners – regardless of the gift amount -- enables us to be more efficient with the resources God brings our way. 


Champions of Hope receive separate communications, invitation to an annual dinner, a private tour of Jericho’s ministry buildings.

To become a Champion of Hope, or convert your current gift level to monthly:

·        Visit jerichopartnership.org/donate, and click on any gold button

·        On the window, check the box that says “Become a sustaining, monthly contributor” and then follow the prompts

 Thank you in advance for helping us be more efficient!

Building on a Legacy Fund Update

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Ministry in this next phase in the life of Jericho is being measured against two concepts: following God’s leading as we serve the at-risk community, and honoring the legacy built by Bill & Kathie Beattie.

Even with Bill no longer at the helm, our ministry to Danbury’s needy residents has continued; our team is as focused as ever on the mission God gave to the Beatties 30 years ago. To that end, we’ve created a fund called “Building on a Legacy,” which exists specifically to increase Jericho’s impact in the city of Danbury and advance this mission. The fund is being set aside until our leadership team, and the Beatties, decides the most strategic way to use it to increase our impact in Danbury. 

Bill’s vision for at least some of the funds: to increase resources for mentoring and tutoring, along with clinical services, for fatherless youth in Danbury.  At the same time, resources would be used for initiatives and educational programs designed to reduce, over time, the number of fatherless youth in our community. 

We’ll be sharing more about these and other possibilities as our leaders continuing praying and seeking God’s guidance. In the meantime, we invite all who have appreciated what the Beatties have meant to Jericho and to Danbury to prayerfully consider contributing to the fund.  

Your gift will enable life transformation among our city’s most vulnerable children and youth.

To give:

1)     Click HERE, and then click on the gold “Legacy” button. On the window, click “choose a designation” and select “Building on a Legacy.”


2)     Send a check to Jericho Partnership with “Legacy Fund” in the memo

Please know that it helps us greatly if this Legacy Fund gift were over and above any regular giving; this allows us to continue our current services and programming, while we consider how to use these additional funds to build on the Beattie Legacy.



Our Year-End Appeal

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Dear friends,
What do you say when “thank you” seems inadequate? What words truly express our appreciation for your prayers, volunteer hours, and financial support? Because the truth is, without you, Jericho Partnership’s ministry to Danbury’s at-risk community wouldn’t exist. So, it’s with deep gratitude that we thank you for locking arms with us as we answer God’s call to serve.

Jericho’s fiscal year ends on August 31, 2018, and what a year we’ve had! We’ve experienced a significant leadership transition and laid the groundwork for what we believe will be an exciting time of growth for our ministry.

Through it all, we’ve been good stewards of the resources God has brought to us, but today, with just a few weeks left, we’re asking for your help to close a gap. We need to raise approximately $150,000 by fiscal year-end to keep moving forward today, and to build on our firm foundation for all God has called us to tomorrow.  

Please take a moment to read Kolby’s story (below), testimony to how God is using Jericho to transform lives. We’re encouraged every day by stories like this; at the same time, we sense God calling us to invest even more of ourselves into our at-risk youth. It’s our hearts’ desire to match 100 boys and girls with one-to-one mentors, tutor another 300 students through our programs, and show hundreds more the hope of Christ through our ministry!

We’ve already done so much, but we yearn to do so much more. Our dreams are big; YOU can breathe life into them.  

Your support was so vital this past year. In 2017-18; we:

  • Engaged with 4,000 children and adults, offering practical, material, and spiritual resources
  • Expanded of our Reading Buddy program into our second public school, Great Plain Elementary
  • Distributed 57,000+ meals, held 1,600+ clinic appointments, mentored 45 and tutored 175+ students
  • Received of a grant to increase our case management services to Danbury’s aging population
  • Established of the “Building on a Legacy Fund,” honoring retired Founder Bill & Kathie Beattie; donations are reserved for the most strategic ways to increase Jericho’s impact
  • Reassessed Ministry Partners, refocusing some to best meet the spiritual, social, educational and material needs of clients, and setting the stage for greater life-transformation

Imagine, for a moment, if Jericho DIDN’T exist. Imagine if God didn’t equip us to serve the poor and needy. Or combat the epidemic of fatherlessness. Or feed the hungry. Imagine if children couldn’t receive health care. Or if homeless people didn’t have a way to improve their lives. Imagine if boys and girls weren’t mentored. Imagine if peoples’ circumstances didn’t undercut their potential.

Thanks to you, though, Jericho Partnership DOES exist and we ARE transforming a city, one life at a time. Today, we’re humbly asking you to support our mission to serve even MORE people … to replicate the life-change we see in Kolby, and to foster a hope for the future we see in our clients every day.

More great news: there’s a group of generous Gift Partners, including members of the Jericho Board of Directors, ready to match the first $100,000 in contributions we receive. Make your gift today to double its impact! Giving is simple: Click HERE; then click on any gold box, and follow the prompts.

We can’t do what we do without you. Your gift means the world to us, and a world of opportunities to students like Kolby.

With every blessing,

Carrie L. Amos, President



Kolby Sinclair, 17

2018 Danbury High School Graduate, GPA: 3.34

Will attend Quinnipiac College, International Business Major


“At one point in my life, I was a loud-mouth, always getting in trouble. My S.A.Y. Yes! tutor and my mentor helped me realize that acting out wasn’t cool, that I wasn’t going to anywhere in life with that attitude. He taught me the importance of knowledge. If I didn’t have a mentor, I wouldn’t be doing as well in school, and going to college. Instead of studying for tests, I’d probably be out partying. My mentor definitely changed the direction of my life.”

Kolby’s story is representative of the nearly 50 at-risk boys and girls whose lives are being transformed through Jericho’s one-to-one mentoring programs; our vision is to have 100 as we grow. 

Join us in Prayer

The prayer lifted up at our annual Greater Danbury Prayer Breakfast - for our community leaders - is the centerpiece of our event every year.  Watch now to join us in prayer for our clergy, government officials, healthcare providers, first-responders, educators, not-for-profit organizations, business sector, and more. 

Volunteer Appreciation: Sally Chow

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Sally Chow, receptionist, Hopeline pregnancy resource center


How long have you been volunteering at Hopeline? For at least 3 years...maybe 4. Time flies when you are having fun!

How often to you serve/what do you do? I staff the Hopeline front desk every Wednesday morning from 10:00 am to noon: I answer the phone, check in clients, prepare material resources (diapers and wipes) and do any projects that are needed.    

Why did you choose Hopeline as the ministry where you volunteer? It began when someone from Hopeline came to our church and talked about what they do.  I have always been opposed to abortions, and the spiritual element of Hopeline drew my interest. Hopeline has a Bible study and I thought that would be a place I could offer my ministry. As it turned out, they needed someone to welcome clients as they came in for appointments. So that is where I happily serve.

What about serving here touches your heart the most? Knowing that these women are getting good news about having a baby.  I have also made friends with the staff and the ladies that sit at the desk for Jericho!

Volunteer Appreciation: Dewey Strohmeyer

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Dewey Strohmeyer, Tutor, S.A.Y. Yes! After-school Center


How long have you been a tutor at Jericho? I’ve been tutoring students in math since November 2014, after retiring from many years of service as a math teacher (mostly high school, some middle school). I also began to volunteer at about that same time at another after-school tutoring program, and I am still involved in both.

How often to you serve?  I serve at S.A.Y. Yes! on Mondays and Tuesdays. After my first year, I also helped as a tutor during the summer of 2015, but haven’t continued with the summer tutoring.

Why did you choose Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries/S.A.Y. Yes! as the ministry where you volunteer? Because S.A.Y. Yes is a Christ-centered ministry – motivated by the love of God in Christ for each individual.  “Transforming a city – one life at a time” is an ambitious goal (it should be!), and one that fits someone like me, who prefers to work one-on-one with those I might be able to help. S.A.Y. Yes seeks to reach “at risk” kids, helping them achieve the goal of graduation. This involvement in the lives of so many kids can make a real difference for them, and I am glad to be a part of it.

What about serving here touches your heart the most?  Seeing kids succeed and knowing that, along with many others, I may have played a part, is very rewarding.