Boxes of Love Bring Thanksgiving Joy to 90 Families

As it turns out, love can fit inside a box. Especially if the love is in the form of Thanksgiving dinner, delivered to 90 inner city families in the days before this Thanksgiving.

More than 30 Jericho volunteers fanned out across the city on Sunday to deliver Thanksgiving dinner – plus love, information about support, hope, and prayer – to those facing economic hardship this year. It’s the first time Jericho has delivered Thanksgiving dinner to families, a change from previous years when it hosted a dinner for families to attend.

“Our neighborhood families want to have Thanksgiving in their homes, so I pray we are delivering boxes of love,” said Jericho President Carrie Amos, who accompanied the volunteers on the deliveries. “I’m so encouraged. It was a tough decision to make to change from what ‘we’ve always done,’ but our neighbors in need are thankful we have, and so I am! I’m thankful to see a visible demonstration of our loving God through His people.”