Why I Jericho: Helen Sullivan

Ministry: Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center

Time volunteering with Jericho since her retirement: 7+ years (even longer for Hopeline before it was part of the Partnership)

Over the years, Helen Sullivan has talked to many young pregnant women who were unsure whether they could, or even should, carry their baby to term. But one conversation sticks with her, because she knows without question that God was in the middle of it, directing her words …and transforming lives.

In that late-night phone call to the crisis hotline, this young woman told Helen that, although she was getting married soon, her parents would be “so disappointed and embarrassed” to learn she was pregnant. She said they were supportive parents, as well as church-goers with an authentic faith, but simply wouldn’t be ok with her being unmarried and pregnant.

Helen said she felt a nudge from God to ask her if she thought her loving parents would be “ok” with her having an abortion, or would they rather her honor God by choosing differently. It was a bold question, but it led to an honest conversation.  And, by the end of the phone call, a solid decision to have the baby.

THAT, Helen says, is why she continues to volunteer at Hopeline, a Jericho Partner Ministry – to be in a place that helps people work through a pivotal time in their life, with compassion and love.

Today, Helen, a 72-year-young retired nurse, volunteers once a week at Hopeline, administering pregnancy tests and teaching prepared childbirth classes.

“I love volunteering… it’s not like work because of the people who work here; they’re so kind and caring and fun,” she said. “I love being around people who love the Lord. We need each other.”

She is also committed to working with Hopeline’s clients.

“I love working with these first-time moms, helping to allay their fears… they come in so terrified,” she said. “For so many, life is so hard. I just respect them and try to encourage them. And they’re so grateful. But what I love the most, though, is that, at the end of every meeting, I ask them if they would like a Bible. 99% of the time they say yes. I know the Bible is overwhelming, so I encourage them to read one chapter a day. You can’t trust someone you don’t know…and by reading the Bible, they’ll get to know Jesus.”

Helen says it’s been a joy to serve at Hopeline as part of the Jericho Partnership.

“The people here are wonderful, inspirational,” she said. “The good that they do here speaks for itself. It’s putting Christ’s love into action. It’s awesome.”