Introducing Community Reconciliation

Jericho’s mission to “transform the city of Danbury for the glory of God and the common good of its people” has been founded on five objectives:

  1. Increase the number of Danbury youth embracing a biblical worldview.
  2. Increase the graduation rate of at-risk youth, while developing young men and women of honor
  3. Foster the sanctity of life on a whole-life basis
  4. Offer the transforming hope of Christ to adults struggling to overcome homelessness, addictions and mental illness
  5. Advance the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation of Danbury neighborhoods

Now, in part as a response to our nation’s general spirit of disharmony, Jericho’s Board of Directors has endorsed a new, sixth objective:

6. Reconcile all the people of Danbury to God and to each other by living the gospel of Christ and by Jericho Church Partners being closely connected to each other and to the city of Danbury, united in breaking down barriers that separate us from God and from each other.

The strategy is patterned after the Community Reconciliation strategy developed by Dr. John Perkins, founder of the Christian Community Development Association and the keynote speaker at Jericho’s 2015 Gala. It is dependent on closely connected congregations for strength and gospel purpose and connections to Danbury via our Ministry Partners.

“Dr. Perkins believes passionately in living the gospel – desiring for your neighbor and neighbor’s family that which you desire for yourself and your family, and bettering the quality of other peoples’ lives – spiritually, socially, and emotionally – as you better your own,” said Bill Beattie, Jericho’s Chairman. “At Jericho, we’re sensing that we need to work to reconcile our community to God and to each other to help break down the divisions that impede transformation of our city.”

Perkins has set seven goals for Community Reconciliation, which are being adopted by Jericho:

  1. Absorb pain – Bringing suffering to rest
  2. Proclaim hope – Working to change conditions for the poor
  3. Point to God’s Authority – Obeying His just demands
  4. Bring People Together – Reconciling people to each other
  5. Spend Lavishly – Giving generously to those in need
  6. Reflect God’s Character – Offering compassion, grace, love
  7. Protect the Vulnerable – Orphans, widows, poor and aliens

Jericho’s leaders have developed action steps for each of these goals, designed to bring people together with the common goal of serving those in need, because of our love for Jesus and His commands.


“One of the reasons Jericho exists is to give living evidence of a loving God to a watching city,” said Carrie L. Amos, Jericho President. “How beautiful will it be for the people in our community to see thousands of God’s people coming together in unity, to live out the gospel by serving among those who may not look like we do, pray like we pray, or worship like we worship?!?  This new objective will give us ample opportunities to come together in Christ’s name to love and serve those in need.”