ShareFest Update

Imagine a small army of volunteers from 27 Jericho Partnership churches and beyond, joined together to honor God through corporate worship and acts of service … all with the goal of building bridges and partnering better - together.

Bringing people together is a key element of community reconciliation, and bringing people together for a greater good is what Jericho Partnership hopes to achieve through ShareFest 2018.

As a ShareFest Planning Team comes together, Jericho President Carrie L. Amos is in the early stages of working with city officials, lining up potential projects for ShareFest volunteers.

“It is time to begin rallying the troops,” she said. “We’re looking for people who first would like to be on a prayer team for the event, and then for people – families, small groups, church Community Groups - who’d like to join in on ShareFest weekend.”

Carrie noted that we’re not looking at ShareFest as a time to simply SERVE those who might need a helping hand, but to actually PARTNER with them as we work together to transform the city of Danbury.

“This event, with this model, should lead to long-lasting relationships and create a place where dialog can happen, because we will have earned the right to be heard,” Carrie said. “The results should be long-lasting and far-reaching.”

The ShareFest weekend begins with our hundreds of volunteers taking on service projects, and will culminate with a worship service, where people from all around our community would come together to exalt the name of Christ in corporate worship.

“We believe ShareFest weekend is a key event in our community reconciliation strategy,” said Jericho Chairman Bill Beattie. “It serves to meet two of our goals – ‘bringing people together’ which we’ll accomplish through our service projects and fellowship, and ‘pointing to God’s authority’, which will be on full display through our corporate worship, where we’ll acknowledge that God rules over all earthly powers that try to divide us. We’re excited to see what God will do through it.”

As many may know, this will not be the first ShareFest in Danbury; hundreds of people from local churches came together in 2004 and used the same model, which was quite successful in building community in greater Danbury.

Those interested in being a part of the ShareFest 2018 Prayer Team should contact; those who want to be a ShareFest 2018 Volunteer team can contact To get on the email list for regular ShareFest updates, email and ask to be added.