Volunteer Appreciation: Joyce Sarver

April 16-22 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five of our many hundreds of amazing Jericho volunteers. 

Joyce Sarver, Nurse, Samaritan Health Center


How long have you been volunteering at SHC? 5 years

How often to you serve? One afternoon a week  (Note: The health center staff says Joyce is so dedicated and reliable that they feel like she is a member of staff!)

Why did you choose Samaritan Health Center as the ministry where you volunteer?  I had been telling God that I wish I could have a “do over” at my last job (as a school nurse) so I could be more patient with the students.  Shortly after that, I was reading the church newsletter and in that edition was a list of volunteer opportunities at Jericho.  Listed, among others, was Registered Nurses.  I immediately inquired and began volunteering the very next week.  God answered my prayer.

What about serving here touches your heart the most? It is an uplifting experience to see the love and kindness shown by the staff to all the patients and their families. The atmosphere at Samaritan is one of joy and caring.  The families served seem very appreciative of the care given.  It is truly a blessing to volunteer at Samaritan Health Center.