Jericho Partnership Announces a Consolidated Staff and Ministry Model


It’s time. Our long season of transition is about to culminate with a new season of ministry known as Jericho 2.0!

This new version of Jericho Partnership symbolizes a renewed focus on the heart of our mission - which has always been to serve Danbury’s youth at risk, and by extension, their families. We’re not being called away from that, and in fact, we’re going to laser-focus on it and serve even more youth in a variety of wonderful ways through academic support (tutoring, summer learning, and school-based Reading Buddies), food security, and family support.  We believe God has been preparing us for years for such a time as this!

To operate most efficiently within this new focus, Jericho Partnership is moving to a consolidated staffing and ministry model, in which the staffs of the Partners Ministries that Jericho mobilized – Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries and Good Samaritan Mission – will become part of Jericho Partnership. Samaritan Health Center is also a mobilized Partner, so we’ll begin operating together in a consolidated manner, however, at this time we aren’t sure when they would formally and legally join the Jericho team.

Jericho Ministry Partners that are not part of the consolidation will continue to be embraced and engaged in a covenant relationship together, as we have done through the years.

To facilitate this new organizational structure, Jericho President Carrie L. Amos has announced the following staffing changes, which have been considered and prayed over for many months; in fact, we have sought God’s leading on every change and decision we have made.

  • Mark Lounsbury, currently Stewardship Coordinator, has been named Jericho’s Director of Youth Ministries, with oversight for all youth-related ministry activities; lead staff members of consolidated youth ministry partners will report directly to him.

  • Mark Grasso, currently Executive Director of Good Samarian Mission, will be Jericho’s Director of Operations, with oversight responsibility for Jericho’s adult ministries, which are currently under review and are being reduced), as well as internal operations.

  • Neil Tan, who has served as the Interim Chairman of Jericho’s Exec Board since Bill Beattie stepped away due to his health, will be rotating out of the Interim Board Chairman role. Bill Beattie, whose recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, has been asked by the Executive Board if he would return as Interim Transitional Chairman of the Board during this season of change (beginning September 1). Bill has accepted. We are so thankful!

In additional to Mark G., Mark L. and Carrie Amos, the new Jericho Management Team also includes Lisa Siedlecki, our full-time Director of Marketing & Communications, and Michael Ronan, our part-time Admin & HR Manager.  

Please keep Jericho Partnership, those we serve, and those who support us in your prayers during this new season of expansion and refocusing.