Shawn Fisher: A Life Transformed

Shawn Fisher said he had his “a-ha moment and wow moment” at once – while lying in a nursing home bed, looking down at the tubes protruding from his torso, which were doing for him what his ravaged body couldn’t do. Keep him alive.

Decades of unbridled alcohol abuse caught up with Shawn one day in March 2016, when his advanced pancreatitis triggered a stroke. Over the next days, while his family prayed fervently, his bodily systems would begin to shut down, one by one, and doctors told everyone to prepare for the worst.

Boxes of Love Bring Thanksgiving Joy to 90 Families

As it turns out, love can fit inside a box. Especially if the love is in the form of Thanksgiving dinner, delivered to 90 inner city families in the days before this Thanksgiving. More than 30 Jericho volunteers fanned out across the city on Sunday to deliver Thanksgiving dinner – plus love, information about support, hope,…