Charles Wilkerson

Charles portrait.jpg

Charles Wilkerson knows about the high some people get when they drink or do drugs.

Charles says he would get that sort of a high when he SOLD drugs. And that, coupled with his other addictions – to alcohol, drugs and sex – is what led him to Discipleship House to change the course of his life following an incarceration and other challenges in his life.

“For me, there is no one without the other,” Charles said of his addictions.  “I have to cut all, go cold turkey of everything in my life. For me there is no drinking without drugs, no drugs without having sex, selling drugs, gambling.”

Charles, 37, knows the root cause of his self-destructive behavior: resentment over his father leaving their dysfunctional family after HE got clean and sober.

“I acted out for years just to get his attention. I was hoping he’d come home just to give me a spanking,” he said. “But now I acknowledge that he couldn’t, because of his sickness. Being there was a trigger. He had to leave. I understand that now. It’s helped me with what I’m going through currently.”

Today, now months into his time at Discipleship House, Charles has gotten to the core of what he believes will help him truly turn the corner in his life; turning it over to God.

“I grew up in church, but I’ve been running from church my whole life. I’m tired of running,” he said. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve been seeing a lot of genuine things coming my way. Since I accepted God in my life, when I was in jail recently, I asked God to change me - not free me from jail, but to change me. I was tired of everything that was going on. I no longer wanted to fight him, run from him. In the course of that, I ended up in a faith-based program. I don’t know if that’s coincidence. I believe it’s not.

“When I started coming here, it was ‘wow, there’s a purpose for me.’ I asked the Lord to free me from all the wickedness that’s happened in my life,” he said. “I’m learning how to pray, to deal with things not going my way. It’s amazing. All I can say is that it’s only through Jesus Christ I’m even standing here talking to you. It gives me chills. Each day I thank Him for helping me through the rough times. I got my days; it’s not any easy journey, but that’s what I signed up for. My faith is growing stronger and stronger. Lord Jesus, you wonderful, man!”