Like any urban city, Danbury is home to a fair number of homeless and chronically homeless men and women. In addition to providing shelter and food, Jericho has partnered with the city of Danbury to provide a select group with a way to earn some pocket money, but more importantly, obtain job skills that can move them from struggling and homeless to employed and housed.

In Project CleanStart, homeless residents - our current group numbers over 30 - form small teams and hit the streets with a Jericho volunteer Team Leader to engage in projects sanctioned by the city. They do various tasks, from city street clean-up and landscaping to hydrant-painting and graffiti-busting. After work, they participate in a WorkNet course to learn life skills, including how to secure and keep a job.  

The goal of this project is to infuse hope and self-esteem, and equip participants for the job market.

Volunteer opportunities:  Job coaches and team leaders to work directly with our CleanStart work participants.