Eric Bruhn


Nothing about Eric Bruhn’s life has been easy. Not his battle with epilepsy, not the death of both his parents within six months, and not his unemployment or homelessness.  Today, though, the 30-year-old is facing his challenges and rebuilding his life, brick by brick, bolstered by his participation in CleanStart, a program Jericho runs in conjunction with the City of Danbury that gives homeless residents the tools, skills and experience they need to obtain jobs.

“Since my self-confidence as a worker has been lifted, I’ve actually been able to step up and find employment,” said Eric, who is working full-time at a local gas station/convenience store. Aside from occupying his time and keeping him off the streets, working means he has enough money to buy the medication he needs. “CleanStart has helped me be more honest and forthcoming about my challenges. I appreciate everything they have done for me; they really look out for us.” 

Eric’s next goal is to rent an apartment and continue on his path to self-reliance.