George Roscoe

George’s father gave him his first beer when he was 8 years old, and he spent his childhood watching his father’s alcoholism take its toll while becoming addicted himself. Today, George, 37, is on the path to recovery at Discipleship House at Jericho’s Good Samaritan Mission. He says he can sense the compassion from the counselors and staff there on a daily basis. But it was a short visit from a member of Jericho’s Advisory Council – on a night when the DH residents prepared and served dinner for the board – that has had a lasting impact on this life, underscoring the notion that mentoring can happen in all sorts of situations.

Since I came here, a lot of people have been concerned about how I felt and things I was going through, and not just the staff here. We had a dinner one night for the board (Jericho’s Advisory Council). Sometimes people might think the board sits up high so they wouldn’t really be concerned about us and how we feel. I’ve gotten a different perspective. That night, I sat with one of the men, he was very special to me… he was a blessing to me. I told him my story, about my son, and we talked about how to do things better in my life than I’ve done before. He spoke to me about life and our common goals. Then he prayed over me and everything that was going on in my life. That meant a lot to me. It was a blessing in my life.