Grace Andrejczyk

Grace, an 8th grader from New Milford, was part of a Walnut Hill Community Church missions team that spent a week this summer serving at Jericho. 

I can definitely say this trip was a life-changing experience. What most impacted me most was seeing God use his children to change the lives of others. The other kids I worked with that week became my family. I will never forget the looks of wonder and joyfulness displayed in the faces of the people we helped. One thing I learned was, God gives us gifts, and we can connect with others by using those gifts. When we use the gifts God gives us for ourselves, we can do great things, but when we use our gifts for God’s glory, we will do amazing things.

I first discovered this at the beginning of camp, when our group went to help out the kids at their summer school (at the Spring Street Neighborhood Center). I sat next to a little girl during art class, and, feeling slightly discouraged, doodled on the back of my paper. When I looked over at her paper, I noticed she was copying everything I did, with detail. It was really sweet, and I continued to draw characters for her to color in. The rest of the day, she stuck around me like a magnet.

Other activities we did were helping out the homeless, giving out care packages, and cleaning up trash from the Danbury streets. I’d give this mission trip a ten out of ten, and am looking forward to more mission trips next summer.