Jeff Eberts

My story is a little different than most, and probably not as exciting. The story starts about 15 years ago. I was comfortable. My wife Sandy and I had raised two sons and they were off to college, and I was contacted by my friend Bill Beattie about the possibility of mentoring an at-risk young boy in Danbury who was fatherless. And the rest is history.

After mentoring two boys over a 10 year period, I learned something about myself and hopefully made a difference in two young men’s lives. I learned that my comfort should never be taken for granted, and that, as the Bible states very clearly, to whom much is given, much is expected. So about a years and a half ago, Sandy and I retired and we moved to Pennsylvania, to serve our ailing parents, and to invest in our kids’ and our grandkid’s lives.

But I have to say, what keeps us coming back to Danbury on a regular basis, and we come back every 4 to 6 weeks, is the tug in my heart for this unique organization that truly believes in the power of the vision — where God is exalted, where kids without fathers can have a mentor and a guidepost in their lives, where homeless folks and those in despair can find hope and a hand up, where those that are opaque to us can find health care assistance for their children – that THAT vision can be realized and delivered in a compelling and inspiring way.  It’s that vision – which I believe our country needs more of – that brings us back from Pennsylvania to serve … and which also leaves me uncomfortable.