Jericho 2.0: Renewed Purpose & Expanded Support for Students across Danbury

For Kevin, your gift can make the difference between failure and success in school.

For Kevin, your gift can make the difference between failure and success in school.

Jericho 2.0 represents a renewed focus on the very heart of Jericho’s mission: to close the achievement gap and transform the lives of those most in need in our city, for their benefit and for the common good of the city of Danbury.

Bolstered by evidence that our CityServe Reading Buddies program in the public schools and our Jericho-based Academic Tutoring Program are both having measurable, positive impact on students, our leadership has endorsed focusing on and expanding these services.

Following an invitation by the public school’s superintendent, our CityServe Reading Buddy program w ill expand into two, possibly three, additional Danbury elementary schools in September 2019 (we’re in three now), and another four in Fall 2020, putting us on course to serve nearly 2,600 students!

This will position Jericho to reach many more students earlier in their career (which administrators identified as vital), giving more kids like 10-year-old Kevin hope for the future and a legitimate opportunity to succeed. (See Kevin’s story below.)

But today we need your support to meet our $119,000 goal to help us finish the 2018-19 fiscal year whole, strong and ready to launch our expanded programming in September.

To say we’re excited about this new focus is an understatement. Stories like these are why:

  • When we brought our CityServe Reading Buddy program into Great Plain school in the fall of 2017, just 43% of the fifth graders were reading at grade level. By spring 2018, that number increased to 51%, a significant jump in just a few months. The principal says Jericho volunteers made the difference.

  • Kevin, pictured above, is a 10-year-old who’s been attending our Jericho Academic Tutoring Program for three years. He tells us quite honestly that, if it weren’t for Jericho tutors and staff, he wouldn’t even DO his homework. That’s not uncommon for children whose parents aren’t fluent in English and can’t help them. Without Jericho and the promise of academic support services throughout his school years, Kevin might have become a drop-out. Now, with Jericho, that’s unlikely.

  • We met Zack in 2016 when he was a 2nd grader at South Street Elementary School, where we piloted our Reading Buddy program. Because of the quality of academic support he received from Reading Buddy volunteers, his mom enrolled him in Jericho’s Academic Tutoring and Summer Learning programs. Zack is still with us today, and it’s quite likely he’ll be part of the Jericho family, growing in his faith, for years to come.

We’d be blessed and encouraged to receive your gift, and we’re committed, as always, to serving those God has called us to serve. Thank you for locking arms with us.