Lori Angel

Jericho Gift Partner, Past Pathways Danbury Youth Ministry Volunteer, Young Life Volunteer, Jericho Executive Board of Directors, Jericho Advisory Leadership Council Member

Length of Time associated with Jericho: 8+ years

About Jericho Partnership: “I feel passionate about Jericho because it is so multi-faceted; the umbrella is so large and touches so many areas of need – children, youth, the homeless, the elderly, the unborn, those who are struggling. What makes it strong is the fact that the community is engaged, the churches are engaged, local organizations and corporations are engaged, and even people that don’t belong to a church are engaged.”

About giving: “Giving to someone who can never give back to you is the way Jesus gave and He set the example for us that we should follow. Give without expectation.” 

About serving the Lord through Jericho: “If we truly allow ourselves to belong to Jesus, then doing His work, and serving the “least of these,” is just part of being in relationship with Him.”

About being around Jericho and its volunteers: “When you surround yourself with people who think of others first, it’s contagious.”

About leadership: “Scripture tells us that to whom much is given, much is expected. It also says that God expects much from those He places in leadership positions. The Jericho team are leaders – movers and shakers – and they are committed to making changes for the better, reaching out to Danbury, CT. It’s a privilege to be a part of this group.”

About City Serve’s potential: “I’m excited about the dynamics because you have all the pieces in place to make an impact regarding the needy in Danbury. You have corporate leaders/volunteers who can help make needed contributions. You have social workers/counselors who can best identify the needs and ways to meet them. You have churches to add volunteers and the spiritual component. It’s not just one group trying to put a Band-aid on a problem. It’s a community, working together for real change.”

About how serving has transformed me: “I have lived in many different cities, each one with their own needs. God has provided me with opportunities to serve in various ways; with children, teenagers, the homeless, and the elderly. Each experience has taught me new things and has allowed me to place myself in someone else’s shoes, if for only a small part of their lives. Until you give of yourself, you can’t know true compassion, something this world needs more of.”