Students from low-income families... Danbury’s homeless men and women… Families in neighborhoods once thought beyond restoration.

They need you. 

CityServe relies on volunteers who want to help transform a city. Are you in?


Why Volunteer for CityServe?

Like any city, Danbury CT has challenges. Chronic homelessness. Underperforming schools. Underserved populations. They are needs that, if left unmet, will only contribute to the spiral of hopelessness that burdens the at-risk population in our city… the very people who need our love and support.

But there IS hope… because when people of faith and people of good will come together to help others, it can transform a city. That’s exactly what CityServe is positioned to do.

An initiative of Jericho Partnership and the City of Danbury, CityServe is:

  • Reading Buddy Programs at South Street Elementary School and Great Plain Elementary School (Title I-funded schools)

  • Project CleanStart, a job-readiness program for the city's homeless

  • Programming to serve low-income families at Jericho Spring Street Neighborhood Center

If you’ve got a heart for people… if you want to link arms, take action and enable change, CityServe needs you. We invite you to join us. See more under "Projects."

The more connections a child has with positive adult role models, the more likely they are to succeed in life. This program gives these kids new connections. Whether we read, play games, or just talk, it's the connection that matters most. 

– Faye Walton, Danbury
 Reading Buddy Volunteer

Often, our friends in the homeless community have been given labels - all too frequently undeserved. But sometimes they can’t help but actually believe it. CleanStart allows them the opportunity to dispel those labels, to prove that they are of value, that they can contribute if only given a chance.

- Pastor Jim Wiley, Danbury
CleanStart Volunteer

Before I started as a Reading Buddy, I was looking forward to the opportunity to help a child develop her reading skills. But I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience; I find that it is I who walks away blessed.  Being around them and seeing the light in their eyes is an invigorating start to my day.

- Tarra Rust, New Fairfield
Reading Buddy Volunteer