Our History

Jericho Partnership grew out of a 1999 project when several hundred volunteers from urban and suburban Danbury, CT., congregations began renovating a derelict, burned-out 1800s downtown factory. The result was Jericho House, the home of Cambodian New Life Evangelical Church and several independent Christ-centered ministries for at-risk adults.

As the five-year project progressed, a vision emerged for a Christian charitable organization that would mobilize Christ-centered word-and-deed ministries and congregations into a collaborative serving the city’s at-risk communities. Jericho Partnership was formed, providing an ongoing demonstration of living uncompromisingly for the glory of God.

Since then Jericho has become a 501(c)3 cross-cultural organization providing financial, volunteer, facility and staff support to eight autonomous ministries in Danbury, and collaborates with more than 25 urban and suburban congregations for year-round inner-city ministries and projects.