Stephen Tomassi

Stephen, a rising 8th-grader from New Milford, was part of a team of youth from Walnut Hill Community Church that served at Jericho for a week. They worked alongside the homeless in our CityServe initiative, played with kids at Jericho Spring Street Neighborhood Center’s Summer Learning Camp, sorted clothing and toys at the Center, and did odd projects around Jericho and the city of Danbury. These are his takeaways.

This trip helped my relationship with God on so many levels.

When I was working with the kids, at first I was uncomfortable because I was looking for a kid to “take under my wing,” and I found that in Nathan. As time went on I wanted to get to know other kids, but it was hard to do that when Nathan was clinging to my leg literally and figuratively. So one day I think God just blessed me by bringing more kids to accept me. It started by two kids sitting by me at lunch and then they all started talking to me. I personally was anxious about the kids and I think the devil got in my head and was making me doubt certain things that I already knew the answers to.

I was deeply moved by a scripture passage that God was showing me; it basically said that you can’t go into God’s work and take His glory for yourself. I still do not know what God is trying to personally tell me or what God has planned for me. (But when has anyone known to the letter what God has in store for them.) So as I keep going through life, I plan to learn what God has for me. I also saw that there is so much more than I thought there was to Danbury; different things than I have normally seen, and I am happy that the Jericho Partnership is doing something about it. All in all, this was a great trip and I recommend this to anybody who is willing to lend a helping hand.