Mentoring Transforms Lives

The dictionary defines “mentor” as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.  Automatically, we envision an older person taking a younger person under their wing, and guiding them in the ways of the world.

Mentoring is that, but – at Jericho Partnership - it is so much more.

Mentoring happens when a tutor helps a student with homework. It happens when a volunteer youth leader earns the right to be heard with a young mom. It happens when a shelter attendant sits on a cot next to an old homeless man, listens to his story and offers hope, help and a plan. It happens when an adult stands in the gap for a fatherless child. And, indeed, it happens when a man or woman comes into the life of a boy or girl to engage in a longer-term mentoring relationship.

As little as 1 hour a week can help someone in need. See our current opportunities

Jericho Partnership exists to transform the city of Danbury CT by transforming lives, and almost without exception, this authentic and life-long transformation begins when someone cares enough to invest in another person. We call that mentoring.

Everything Jericho does - from its CityServe initiatives to its ministry to youth and at-risk adults - depends on people who want to link arms and serve. If you’ve got a heart for people… if you want to take action and enable change, Jericho Partnership needs you. We invite you to join us.


Because of my past, I felt unwanted, unnecessary, worthless. Mentoring gave me back my place in this world. It taught me the power I had as a child of God. My mentor showed me that I am still special, I mean something to somebody, and that God has a plan for me. 

– Charneil Bush, raised in foster care


The mentors that I have in my life at Jericho – they tell me what I need to hear. They do it with love, in a positive tone. So now, when I’m in a depressed mood, I don’t have to go find the drug man. I go to Jericho Partnership.  

– Clarence Bouie, former addict

My mentor is my right hand. You’d never believe the struggle I was having in my freshman year. I was failing most of my classes and he was always right there, helping me with my school work. I can’t thank God enough for Jericho; the people here, it’s like a second family. They’ll help you find your way. 

– Elvis Bueno, grew up fatherless

Heather P.JPG

For some of our kids, a Reading Buddy may be the first person to smile at them that day, or the first to listen to them. In most cases, they’re the first person who’s invested in their literacy skills. Many of our kids have caring parents; it’s just that they’re unable to help them in their learning. 

– Heather Pellicone, Principal South Street Elementary School, Danbury

The women at (Jericho) literally saved my life and there is nothing exaggerated about that. If it weren’t here, my life wouldn’t be anything near where it is today. There’s been a huge transformation in my relationship with God. Even though there were many struggles and I had a lot of healing to do, my life is all about God today. 

– Jessica Costa, decided to have her unborn baby

I’m in a Christian 12 Step program because it’s important for me to be in God’s Word. I’m lost without it. The peace and love that I get from the people here - I can’t even tell you. He (the program director) at Jericho welcomed me with open arms and undying love.  

– Jonathan Lees, recovering alcoholic