Academic Tutoring Program/ SAY Yes!

Inner-city, lower-income students face challenges that impact every area of their lives, but the impact on education is one that, if left unaddressed, could have life-long implications, including dropping out of school and never reaching their full potential. 

Here’s why at-risk students struggle: Maybe their parents aren’t home at night because they’re working to make ends meet. Or maybe Mom and Dad don’t speak English. Some students might have a parent who is incarnated or addicted to drugs. In all of these instances, there’s one commonality: students aren’t getting help with schoolwork.  Help they need to excel.

That’s where Jericho’s Academic Tutoring programs come in. Our staff and volunteer tutors – who specialize in science, math, English and writing — work one-to-one and in small groups with kindergartners to 12th graders all school-year-long to reinforce their lessons, help strengthen their reading skills, and ensure they complete their assignments.  

Our goal: Intervene as early as possible in their academic careers and, with a compassionate presence, show that we care, erasing hopelessness and securing their path to success both in the classroom and in the years beyond.